Zach's Funny Fun Page


Hello everyone, this is Zach from the staff of this website.  This is my funny fun page.  This is a picture of me being funny fun...  On second thought, upon trying to write code for the picture to show up, you wont see me being either of the two things at the top of the page.  So I will just ramble and see if I can get it to word wrap around the white box with the "X" in it.  Never mind, Aaron just said something to make me think it wont happen.  The reason this page is here is because Nic is on the phone with his girlfriend.  He left his computer unattended.  I am the man.  This page really sucks.  I doubt this is funny or fun.  I bet when Nic reads this it won't even be a page.  I have lied about everything and i am completely useless.  If you are reading this, it must have become a reality, and my dream of becoming a web-guy-thing has come true.  Cue the music and flowers!  This is a hell of a lot of text for a frivolous website about nothing.  So to make this website funny, I will tell a joke.  I told it to Aaron, he didn't like even laugh or anything, it sucks.  Nic has just walked in and "nicely" explained to me that: "Zach....I don't think you should get a funny fun page."  The chances are that this page will never see the light of day.  It is a pity actually, because when I become famous, this shit will be an insight into my soul.  Nic is blabbering about how maybe i could get an angel fire website for this, and they could out a link to it for me.  They are all just scared of my creative genius.  After Nic crushed my dreams, Aaron said: "Yeah...but it keeps him from bugging me...and its not that funny."  I mean seriously, what is their problem.  I think this is Hilarious,  Have you read anything this funny ever?  I didn't think so.  Maybe i should put a poll at the bottom of the page just to show them that I am funny.

    So...yeah, I tried to put in a web poll, but I didn't know any code so i just made it up, it was "<web poll.insert="true">" =.  Needless to say, it didn't work.  I smell Chinese food, so I think Nic is coming.  He's not Chinese (I don't want people to get the wrong impression) he just likes Chinese food.  My German teacher told me that Chinese is Kinesiches in German.  Nic has some clear liquid on his keyboard that makes me nervous (but its okay).  I am really bored.  Nic is taking quite a large quantity of time to prepare his food.  I will now take this opportunity to spew some random phrases I remember from high school German class.  Ich komme mit dem moped zur schule!  Warum, Ich hab' meinem unterseeboot vorgessen.  Was, du bist damit einverstanden.  Ach, lass mich aleine.  Nic is out of pop.  The world is now over.  I think I drank it too.  I made up an excuse but...uh...this is bad.  NOW even if this page did have a chance, it wont once he reads this.  You might think that I would just erase the incriminating evidence, but no.  I have to be retarded.  A girl I talk to on the phone fairly often says that "If you keep saying that, it will come true."  I think it is coming true.  My ass is really starting to hurt.  This chair is terribly uncomfortable, I don't know how Nic sits here.   This is almost two paragraphs of useless brain dump.  If the FBI sees this, they'll think I'm a terrorist and I'll be on the news.  Melhouse thinks him and Aaron think "way to differently," yeah, NO SHIT.  I'm going to go now, I bet Nic erases this anyways so it wont matter how it ends.  so SERVUS!